Obverse: portrait of queen Wilhelmina to right
Reverse: NORMANDY – FRANCE – BELGIUM / GERMANY – HOLLAND / 2nd ARMY / T. SMALLBONE, 2nd Army formation badge of WWII in the middle


On name of T. Smallbone of the British Second Army

During the Second World War the British Second Army was the main British contribution to the advance across Europe and the Normandy landings on 6 June 1944. It was involved in several operations in France, Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands and provided the main force for Operation Market Garden.

Operation Market Garden was a failed World War II military operation fought in the Netherlands from 17 to 25 September 1944. The objective was to create a 103 km bulge into German territory with a foothold over the River Rhine, creating an Allied invasion route into northern Germany. The operation succeeded in liberating several Dutch cities and towns in the south, but failed to secure a foothold over the Rhine, halting at the river.

Since France, Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands are mentioned on the reverse of the coin it is likely that T. Smallbone was involved in the operations in these countries.