Obverse: EN ALTERA QVÆ VEHAT ARGO, ship in full sail to right, soldier standing at left, Jehovah in Hebrew on large sail
Reverse: SIC NESCIA CEDERE FATA MDIC, two Termini in human form placed on a map of Bommel and Thiel, the name Jehovah in Hebrew between them


The mythological imagery compares Admiral Van der Does to ancient Jason of the Golden Fleece with his ship The Argo.

Pieter van der Does was a Dutch admiral (1562-1599) during the Dutch-Spanish Eighty Years’ War (1568-1648). In 1599 he left for a long expedition to Brazil but not before attacking the Spanish fleet and army on several occasions. He was ordered by Maurice, Prince of Orange, to weaken the Spanish as much as possible. He first tried to attack the Spanish at the Spanish-Portuguese coast but did not succeed. He sailed further south to the Spanish controlled Canaries where he seized Las Palmas. The islands were of strategic importance since they were a very important hub to the America’s. Unfortunately he could not hold the city and island for more then 2 days and he decided to head first to Brazil where he bought large volumes of wood and sugar. On his return he sailed via Cape Verde and conquered the island of St. Thomas (São Tomé) on the Westcoast of Africa, a Spanish controlled island as well. 100 canons, many crates with sugar, ivory and linnen were taken. Shortly after he got very ill together with 1,000 of his men and died two weeks later of probably the plague. After his death this token was ordered to be issued to commemorates Van der Does his achievements.